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Spectacle Lenses

Here at Blooms & Risner Opticians we are a specialised dispensing practice allowing us to provide you with the most up to date highest quality spectacle lenses on the market.

We discuss and advise the most suitable lens required for your lifestyle and individual visual requirements. With there being so many lens styles available, our expert advice will help you make the correct choice for your needs within your budget.

We have the latest virtual reality simulators to demonstrate the differences between various lens designs and coatings found within spectacle lenses. This way you can try on your new spectacle lenses before ordering

Varifocal Lenses

An individual may need varifocals once they reach the age of presbyopia where their ability to focus at near deteriorates to a level where our arms become too short to stretch out and still see clearly. As varilux specialists we are able to provide you with the best possible varifocals suitable for the tasks you carry out on a day to day basis, allowing you to see both at a distance and at near, as well as incorporating the distance you normally view your computer at. By using patient’s lifestyle requirements and eye history, together with specific optical measurements, we are able to order a lens that is tailor-made to suit each individual’s needs.

By using specialised lenses produced by our award winning manufacturer Hoya and well renowned brands such as Zeiss Nikon and Essilor, these lenses provide stable image perception in all directions, eliminating that unbalanced, unstable feeling when wearing progressive lenses.

The varifocal lenses we recommend in practice provide:

  • Maximum personalisation – In addition to the prescription and frame, lifestyle and previous lenses are used as a reference.
  • Clear and natural vision in both near and distance in accordance with one’s lifestyle.
  • Effortless switching between far and near.
  • A secure feeling when moving around which is great when playing sports and staying active.
  • Unprecedented comfort and quality of sight whether it for work with computer, using a smartphone or simply reading the newspaper.
Computer lenses

Whether for business or pleasure the vast majority of patients now use a computer screen (VDU). For this reason we have been specially trained in the dispensing of specialised computer lenses.

When a standard varifocal may not be the answer and reading lenses may not give the depth required and may miss out the intermediate distance completely, this is when these computer lenses really come into their own.

As these lenses are tailor-made to each specific individual they provide:

  • Clear and comfortable vision.
  • Best solution for working in office and while using computers
  • Ideal for workspace, office and specialist professionals
  • Highest precision and flexibility in depth and width of vision


We highly recommend all those who are using the computer to have a reflection free finish on their glasses. This coating helps to cut the glare coming back from the screen thus making your vision more comfortable.

There has been a new lens coating released recently known as the Blue control coating which has been specifically recommended for any device which emits blue light (computer, smart phone, tablet devices), otherwise known as high energy visible light. this light helps us to stay awake however it can also have adverse effects such as eye strain, fatigue and sleeplessness. Therefore with the blue control coating it will reduce these symptoms as well reducing glare, maintaining more comfortable vision and a more natural colour experience.

Digital Device Lenses


Screens and digital devices are a major part of our lives. TV and tablets in the home, computers at work and smartphones for staying connected in between. We recognised for varifocals wearers, using different digital devices throughout the day can be a challenging experience on your eyes and posture. Until now. Varilux Digitime relaxes your eyes and posture when using screens for long periods of time. Varilux Digitime is a mid-distance varifocal lens designed to be worn instead of your main varifocals when using different devices screens.


The most natural way for your eyes to focus on your tablet or phone. Messaging your friends has never been so clear.

The Lens

  • Wide near vision zone at the bottom of the lens
  • Ultra near vision zone
  • Minimum depth of field of 80cm


For everyday office screen life, not every lens allows for relaxed vision. Just think how many times you stretch your neck to focus on the screen. With Digitime Mid, you can work comfortably at your desk knowing your eyes and posture are relaxed.

The Lens

  • A wide intermediate vision zone
  • Ultra near vision zone
  • Minimum depth of field of 100cm is guaranteed for all prescriptions


When you want to watch tv, you should be able to sit back and relax knowing your eyes are not strained. And when you get a text, you want to see it clearly without distortion. Thanks to Digitime Room, this is exactly what you get.

The Lens

  • A wide extended vision zone at the top of the lens
  • Ultra near vision zone
  • Minimum depth of field of 220cm

Lenses Designed for Digital Device Use

If your eyes feel uncomfortable as they get “tired” toward the end of the day, you are likely experiencing eyestrain which can also lead to headaches. For things to look clear at close distances the muscles inside the eye have to flex, which can become uncomfortable if the muscles are engaged for a prolonged amount of time. There are now lens designs made specifically for maintaining eye comfort whilst focusing at near when using digital devices. These lenses also include coatings to block the harmful high energy wavelengths emitted from screens, blue UV rays

See. Protect. Prevent.

Eyezen is a range of eye protection lenses designed for those who live a connected life. Whether you work in a digital environment, are a regular video game marathon enthusiast, or hooked on social media, Eyezen lenses may aid in reducing eyestrain throughout the day.

It’s time to think about glasses in a totally new way.

Our goal is to provide you with a modern solution to the modern problems of Blue-Violet light. We’ve developed two lens innovations to do this: Eye Protect System and Eyezen Focus combined. Using unique technology, Eyezen lenses are designed to protect the eyes of those who lead a digitally connected life, by preventing eye fatigue, improving readability, and reducing light glare — regardless of whether you need prescription glasses or not.

What is blue-violet light?

In the visible colour spectrum (what we can see around us everyday), blue-violet light sits on the very edge, right next to the harmful, non-visible ultraviolet (UV) light. It’s a high energy colour, due its short wavelength, which means, like UV light, it can be harmful to our eyes. It can potentially cause eye fatigue and dry eyes. We experience blue-violet light mainly from the sun, and it’s what makes the sky blue, but we also find it artificially from fluorescent and LED lighting. Today, we live in a fully connected world, with our eyes being exposed to blue-violet light constantly, so we’ve taken steps to fight back.

Driving Lenses

See better, go further

As a frequent driver, you know how essential driving is to your daily life. Did you also know that it is one of the most demanding activities when it comes to your visual system? Your eyes are required to process huge amounts of visual data and to shift focus quickly and often. Yet beyond the potential for eyestrain, there is a more important consideration: 90% of your reaction time depends on vision, so impaired vision – caused by low light, bad weather and glare – means slower reaction times. On the road, the situation can change instantly, becoming dangerous in the blink of an eye without the eyewear.*

EnRoute lenses for driving

EnRoute is the solution. Developed to meet all the visual demands of today’s motorists, EnRoute lenses for driving are equipped with a specially developed Glare Filter. This absorbs light in the blue spectrum, significantly reducing light scatter and distracting glare from the dashboard, streetlights and oncoming traffic. With the reflections gone, more light passes through your lenses, improving contrast and brightness. The result is more comfortable, relaxed vision even in stressful driving situations.

Sharp vision when it matters

Most driving time is spent looking ahead, which requires wide, clear visual fields. However, your eyes also have to shift quickly between different viewing distances with minimal head movements: from the road to the navigation device, from the mirrors to the dashboard. Focusing and refocusing can be especially challenging for older drivers.

EnRoute lenses for driving are available as single vision and varifocal designs. Both designs offer wide visual fields and sharp vision in the far distance, of the dashboard and in mirrors

Next time you are on the road, let EnRoute take the strain, not your eyes.

High Index Lenses

If you have a very strong prescription, you should consider ultra thin high index 1.74 lenses.

High Index 1.74 lenses are the thinnest, flattest, and most cosmetically appealing lens ever developed.

These ultra thin lenses are nearly 50% thinner than plastic and 5% thinner than 1.67 high index lenses, offering you the ultimate in technology and cosmetics. The thinner lens is much more flattering, reducing the distortion that high prescriptions cause when made with lower quality lenses.

Hi-index 1.74 lenses are perfect for:

  • People with +/- 2, and stronger prescriptions
  • People who are self conscious about the thickness of their lenses
  • People who wear contacts because traditional lenses distort their eyes
Transitions Adaptive Lenses

Transitions Adaptive Lenses change with your environment, from day to night, indoors or outdoors, just look for the transitions option during checkout

Key Features

  • Change from clear indoors to dark outdoors
  • Dark in bright sunlight
  • Adapt quickly
  • Clear as an ordinary clear lens while indoors and at night
  • Block 100% of the sun’s harmful UVA & UVB rays
  • Reduces glare and prevents tired eyes
  • Available in Grey or Brown
  • Compatible with leading frame brands and styles
Lens Coatings

Glare resistant

A set of ultra- thin layers on the lens surfaces that eliminates reflections to dramatically reduce glare. Reflections on both sides of the lens can lead to the wearer experiencing glare, which creates visual discomfort and reduces clarity of vision. An anti-reflective lens also gives better vision for night driving, which means improved safety – and for computer use, which means less eyestrain. As the lenses are more transparent, the wearers eye are no longer hidden behind reflections.

Scratch-resistant technology

A hard film that creates a much tougher surface on lenses. (These are still susceptible to damage, especially if dropped). The technology gives glasses a longer life and protects visual clarity. This is a must have, and even more so on children’s glasses.

Water Resistant

A water resistant treatment that repels water droplets, preserving clarity of vision. Lenses with a water-repellent surface prevents water collecting. The water rolls into small droplets and slides off the lens with ease. With ordinary lenses water spreads and sticks to the surface.

Due to us being within the optical field for many years, we have built up a fantastic relationship with many major lens companies, including leading lens designers Essilor (Varilux), allowing us to provide you with the highest quality of care as well as the highest quality of lens to meet your requirements.

121 Addington Road, Selsdon, South Croydon, CR2 8LH

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